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I've spent some more time with the derailleur. I've also measured the frame. I'm not sure the exact chainline distance, but my seat-tube to chainstay angle is more like 61 deg rather than the recommended 63 deg. I've been over and over the alignment procedures and I think I've got everything correct.

The long and short of my problem is that the front derailleur doesn't seem to have enough travel. So I can skew the travel to the outside and keep the large chainring small frehub cog combo from rubbing, but then I can't reliably downshift to smaller chainrings. If I skew to the inside, I can downshift and upshift reasonably well, but the large chainring small rear cog combos rub (like the smallest three rear cogs). I've been over the derailleur positioning, cable mounting, and outer cables, frame braze ons (weld ons).

My suspicions:

- The truvativ chainrings are spaced slightly too far apart
- the cable stretches slightly as the tension increases

Regardless, I've got to find a solution to this. It is looking more and more like I'm tossing these silly brifters in the trash and going with bar-ends. I'd like to go with downtube shifters but c'dale made that impossible.

Are the campy brifters and derailleurs better? They used to be worlds better than shimano in the pre indexing days. How are they these days?

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