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It was dark this morning when I left. My boyfriend came with me for the first part of my commute. I had a headlight, taillight, reflective vest, and helmet on. He had headlight, taillight, and helmet. We always ride single-file with me in front. We get to a stop sign and there's a bus coming from the cross direction, so I came to a stop and then went after the bus. About halfway through the intersection I saw something I couldn't believe. A woman was coming from the right on a black road bike, dressed all in black, without a helmet, and without any lights (or even any reflectors that I could see)! My boyfriend nearly collided with her because HE COULDN'T SEE HER (duh). And she had the audacity to come to a screeching halt and glare at him like he was the idiot who almost caused the near-accident.
All I can figure is that she must want to be hit. I can't imagine many stupider things...
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