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The bike didn't work too well with all the gears and cables, so I came up with something new. It is really much better now. See for your self:
It is not completed yet, but I will post some pictures as soon as it is done.

I changed the rear hub to the legendary TORPEDO Duomatic. This nixes all the cables routing to the rear of the bike and still offers a rear break and even TWO GEARS! WOW!
That TORPEDO DUOMATIC hub originally came with some of the Auto Mini's (not with mine, so I got a NOS somewhere). I had the chance to test one of those hubs and it performed so E X C E L L E N T that I had to have one. As soon as you get used to the back-pedal-switch trick, the ride is PERFECT. Also it is really great, if you do not want to have cables all over your bike but still want more than one gear. It does 1:1 and 1:1.36 on gear-ratio, what really works for me. This hub is in the same league as the Sturmey Archer ASC. Something for the lazy bike-purists.

I also got the cable for the front break routed inside the stem and fork. It was kind of a coincidence that this trick worked out so well, but it is really cool. I can spin the handlebars without twisting the cables. That is also handy when folding the bike. Nothing can be caught up or bang against something.

Last but not least I got slick handlebar that can be cutted real short. This is also convenient when folding the bike and feels kind of sporty. And of course a better looking saddle. An old brooks-style leather sportsman saddle. Also cool on this bike.

Ok, more photos of this wild ride as soon as it is done.
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