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Originally Posted by yamamori View Post
Hello, T-Mar. I have a Fuji, model Special Road Racer, which I understand was purchased new in October, 1974. The frame is painted blue and seems to be made of straight-gauge, high-tensile steel, probably by Ishiwata. It bears the serial number F8H15165. The components are the usual JEX group, lower end. I can list them, if you wish; but that may be more information than you want. This bike may be too old and low-performance for your research. Best wishes. -Yamamori
Nonsense! As far as I lnow, Fuji did not differentiate the serial number system based on the level of bicycle. Age maybe, as the format is different than what I have so far. But that, in itself, is very important if I can track down the cutoff date.

However, I've seen similar formats before and I'm guessing it is actually late 1970s. Are you the original owner? Or were you just told that was the model year? To help establish the year, I would appreciate the list of components and their date codes. A picture would also be helpful. TIA for your contribution.
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