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Originally Posted by probable556 View Post
Your post is worthless. Get your sh*t together.
Good idea. Consider my sh*t currently all present and accounted for. I had no idea it was that bad. Those damn pills just snuck up on me. After this brilliant previous post I staggered to bed and slept till about noon. Muscle had loosened while I slept. I hate to see anyone try to do anything on these here Soma tabs. The bottle said may cause drowsiness but stupified staggering around... well there is no mention of that. Sorry people, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Try to compose a question while the keys wander around the keyboard.
I'd still be interested in your thoughts on the Avid Speed Dial 7 levers. They are new, under or around a case of beer (friends a bit of a drinker) and they are slightly more attractive than the black Deore levers currently taking up bar space. That's really the only upside I can see,looks. Do I really want to be out a case of delicious beer (actually four 6 packs 'cause the stuff doesn't actually come in cases) to look a little cooler in the brake lever region? The affected brakes would be Avid BB7s. The bike is a rigid SS.
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