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Originally Posted by ModoVincere View Post
Given the short time frame (3-5 yrs) and the lack of interest in actively managing the money, I would strongly suggest that you keep this investment plan very simple.

Following a very basic investment plan of CD's every 5months, if you can get 4.5% on a 5yr CD with the 1,000 now and every 5 months a new CD at about 4%, at the end of the 60mos you should have a total of 7,880 & change. Of course this does not take into account income taxes since I have no idea what your marginal rate is.

This plan is very conservative, so you should have little trouble making these numbers or higher.
Yep, good advice. In Canada we have GIC's (Guaranteed investment certificate) which work the same way. Typically they're running at around 3.5 - 4%.
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