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Originally Posted by awgrbr View Post
First time poster, long time lurker here...
I want a new saddle. Mostly because I want my SS-beater-city commuter to look better. No real long rides and buns of steel means comfort is a minimal, yet not entirely moot point. More specifically, I want a cheap orange/white saddle (it will work, trust me). Here is a cheap BMX seat that I like:


1. Will it fit on my standard old road seatpost? (like, totally right?)
2. Will it be really really uncomfortable? (cmon, BMX dudes don't sit on their seats)
3. Does a BMX seat have really different look/proportion that will be patently absurd on a road frame?
4. Other suggestions for saddles? (if you post a link to the fizik hotness, I will explode with desire (again), collect myself (again), and come to the conclusion (again) that it makes no sense to put that on my cheap ass commuter bike.)
5. Why do BMXerz call em "seats" while road dudez call em "saddles?"
6. Why do I kinda want pegs? (you know, for taking chicks home from bars...)

BFSSFG fashionistas I await your judgment.

I have been thinking about the exact same thing recently. I have an orange seat and orange grips from a bmx bike that I have been considering throwing on my SS mountain bike when I get it next week. And have also been wondering if the sizing will be compatible - my impression is that seats are pretty standard in the way they attach. At least, i've replaced a couple seats before without any problems like that.
The grips, I dunno... but that is my problem, not yours eh.
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