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Originally Posted by ThatHertz View Post
Also this looks like a good bank of ideas for anyone who considering building a single wheeled trailer.
Those trailers are designed with a rigid mount and a swivelling tail wheel. When cornering, the center of mass of the trailer is describing a circle of greater radius to the circle described by the center of mass of the towing vehichle, but it is travelling at the same linear speed as the tow vehichle. this means that the center of mass of the trailer is travelling at a higher speed, and generating a greater centrifugal force than the tow vehichle. That has the potential to completely wipe you out!.... Ever seen those cop shows where the cop uses his front bumper to tap the side of the bad guy's rear bumper causing the bad guy to spin out and lose control? well, it's essentially the same effect - your rear end is getting pushed out of the corner.
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