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It's finally done!!!


Bay Ridge Bicycles / Anthony for getting this whole bunch of parts together, including getting a set of Time RXS Carbon Ti's in a half a day! These guys are now my LBS, no matter where I wind up...

The Racer Gent at Bay Ridge Bicycles for fitting me after hours when everyone wanted to go home

Henria86 for hooking me up...I would not have been able to pull this off without him and his advice

The Guy in the Blazer for not running me over on my first ride down 89th Street, though I did pull away quick enough

Crazy Blazer in Battery Tunnel for not ramming my car 'cause I was going so slow 'cause I was afraid the Trico Case would fly off my trunk lid

Tom Kellogg for feeding my addiction

My Brother-in-law Leigh for making endless trips to random bike shops all over Tucson to pick my parts up

Mr. Shah at Panasonic for letting me shuffle bike parts in and out of Panasonic without a package pass, and for his advice on dating

Everyone in this thread for taking the time to give me advice...Bike Forums really helped

and finally...
Josh from Excel Sports for taking the time to make sure this frame was the right size, about six months ago, even though I was so scared they were going to sell the last one...

(sorry for the poor quality - it's a camera phone)

Again, many thanks to Bay Ridge Bicycles for doing this in less than a day, when everyone else quoted me one week...

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