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Originally Posted by Al Criner View Post
Machka in the Long Distance forum says keeping the pulse points in your wrists and ankles warm will help keep hands and feet warm. She uses things like sweat bands on the wrists, for example.
Yup! I heard it for the first time on a radio program in Winnipeg where they were talking about winter survival ... like living outside in the winter like the Inuit do. The suggestion was to wear a band of real fur around the wrists, with the fur side in. For the feet, the suggestion was to wear a wider band of fur around the ankles, fur side in.

At the time I was working for Canada Post where I was outside in the cold for hours on end, and where I had to have manual dexterity ... so I couldn't wear heavy mitts or gloves. I was freezing my fingers. When I heard that program I started layering up my wrists with other materials, and to my [happy] surprise, I could work down to about -15C with bare hands. After -15C, I needed to wear those little mini-glove you can get in Walmart for $1. It was great!!

I have since purchased those sweat band things which tennis players wear, and I wear them on cool-cold days, and my hands are nice and warm.

As for the feet, have a look at my Cold Feet article here: http://www.machka.net/whatworks/coldfeet.htm
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