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Originally Posted by Tightwad View Post
A really decent homebuit trailer that can be 100% recycled free materials
After reading this article, I was just curious about how the author made the dropouts for the wheels out of plywood.

The wheel axles will, of course, need to be supported on their outer ends as well as at the points where they enter the sides of the cart. To allow for this, cut two 3" X 5" pieces of 114" plywood, and form an axle slot in each of them. When positioning these plates, turn the cart upside down and drop a yardstick into the grooves cut in the plywood carriage sides. The slots in the in-place axle plates must fit the yardstick exactly. Mark the correct positions on the outer 1 X 2 frame pieces .. . then remove those frame members, glue and screw the axle holders down, and reinstall the assemblies.
My solution would be to use a 36 inch piece of 2 by 2 aluminum angle.... cut the things into 4 sections and bolt it to the trailer.

However, just curious about this design. Seems a little iffy to me. Any thoughts?
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