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Originally Posted by operator View Post
Huh? This is the one component you can easily skimp on. It's the least stressed, not part of the fixed gear drive train and even a $10 headset will do you well if you repack it/take care of it.
You just answered it in part. Having to re-pack a headset is something you shouldn't have to do anymore. More than that, the difference between a loose bearing headset and a higher end sealed cart headset is noticeable IMMEDIATELY. Add a bunch to that if you ever ride in dust/dirt/rain/salt/etc, as everyone does. The headset is not a component to be skimped on whatsoever; it plays a pretty important role in how your bike handles (and for the record, does go through quite a bit of stress).
It's the difference between night and day, and that's before we begin discussing durability.
Using a nicer sealed bearing headset vs a $10 set is like throwing a frisbee vs a dodgeball. That's a weird analogy, but it really illustrates the difference nicely.

JellyMeetsJam, i ride shimano 600 on my nishiki conversion (rain bike) and dura ace on my bob jackson. Both are sub $100 (the 600 is significantly lower), and both are terriffic; +1 on bitboss' ultegra recommendation. I'd seriously consider avoiding a loose bearing headset if at all possible, as repacking a headset every month or so can be a real pain (and not repacking it can be even worse). A well installed quality headset can be pretty much ignored and adds a ton to a pleasant riding experience.

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