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Originally Posted by sknhgy View Post
I've been semi-seriously riding for about 3 years. Haven't had any spoke problems yet. I like to be prepared while out on the road. I see that folks carry spoke wrenches.
Are spokes prone to breakage?
Do you carry extras?
Is there something here I can learn about and get prepared for in the comfort of my home, instead of learning about the hard way while I'm stranded 20 miles from nowhere?
Having one spoke break on a traditional wheel won't leave you stranded.Wheel will wobble so opening up the brake is needed. If you can't stop rubbing then the spoke wrench is needed to loosen the spokes around the broken one to get some of the wobble out.
Carry one. They aren't that big. I carry shift cable too. Ever been 20 miles from home and have the rear one break?
Gear defaults to the 12. Not fun. In the past I was able to tie the cable up to acheive a lower gear but takes the same time as just putting on a new one. No I don't carry cutters. can wait to get back for that.
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