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What do you call this type of cable?

I've been to two local electronics parts shops and Radio Shack and I can't find this type of cable. The cable says it's 18 AWG.

Is that cable solid or strand inside? Also I'm looking for like the smallest bulk size you can get. I'm thinking 10ft if possible. It's a round yet soft flexible cable with two wires inside with red/black. When I tried looking for something like that at my local shops all I ended up with was the speaker wire which was basically two wires glued in the middle. Not what I wanted.

Someone thought it was called 'hook up wire' for the cars and such so I searched that term up and still only ended up with single wire units and not ones that are in the same tube together.

Does anyone know how many amps 18 AWG, 24 AWG, and 20 AWG cable can take?


I plan on wiring the insides of the case with the LED's using 24 AWG but outside using something like 18 AWG for the cable for the helmet/bar mount. I think my NiteHawk AL-X uses 18 AWG which is what I like because it's flexible.
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