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Originally Posted by isotopesope View Post
hmmm... i'm a machinist. in my shop, our tolerances typically need to be +0.00" -.005", which is tight for a forge die, but i am setting my tools down to the 0.0001", for utmost precision. i program my toolpaths to have a .0001" to .0005" scallop height for the cavities. everything we've outsourced to a waterjet place certainly gets the job done for what we need it for, but thick cuts look wavy at the bottom of the cut due to the kerf. to cut anything thick and precise requires a 5 axis head to control the kerf... but still it is no match for a mill.

thanks for playing.
of COURSE I make a comment based on what I've seen and I get a certified machinist, ok you win. (and why aren't YOU making track ends? )

so your saying the bottom edge of a waterjet cut is kerf'd? (yes I know what a kerf is) and wavy? I never saw that on parts we did, but then we never really cut anything thicker than 0.500 (I work as a fabricator)

and isn't +/-0.005 kinda close tolerance for a dropout? (fork end)? human hair=0.004

not trying to be a smart ass, you obviously know way more than me, just trying to confirm what you said.

(oh and I still want a pair of the track ends )
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