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Originally Posted by isotopesope View Post
did you get a quote on the jetted dropouts? i'd wager just buying some pre made ones would be cheaper in most instances. if you HAVE to have your design, perhaps get some quotes at local machine shops in your town.

i wonder if the shimano track ends are still made? they are so simple and really handsome, imo.

my friend danny just took the frame class at ubi. he brazed a geared 29. was he in your class?

those are sweet.

we've had some .625" to 1.5" thick steel plates cut and the results weren't too precise... but we didn't need it to be for what we were doing to it later...

what i mean about the kerf making the cut wavy, is that as the kerf (the waterjet's shape for those who don't know what a kerf is) was moving through the material, by the time the water made it through the bottom of the material, the jet's head a little further along in the cut. in a sense, not a fully rigid cutting axis. the problem was worse in tight radii. they have these new waterjets with a 5 axis head that can make adjustments to compensate for it. i'm sure machine hours on one of those would not be cheap, and still not worth it, in my opinion. unless maybe i need to see more waterjet stufffz.

the screenshot is of the cad model i made of ground up dropouts. eric has had them made by several local shops before, but they've all moved, closed, etc. so i'm taking it on, starting this month. i'm looking forward to it, but i still have a lot of computer time before chips can fly. +/.005 is definitely fine for dropouts... paint clearance.
yeah danny was in my class and we both stayed at the ashland commons. danny is really cool. i sorta got a quote which was its 150 an hour. plus a million things. so yeah i just want custom trackends n probibly will make more. still dont have an idea what to do though.
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