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That's the same pivot used on the FS IX. I felt the same thing on my bike as well. The stiction is a particular form of damping that most make an attempt to stay away from. The problem is that it damps the system at exactly the time you don't want it to. Tightening that bush will make the bike track straight again.

I'm curious about the bobbing coming from the seat post. I can see that being the case. If so, increase the stiffness of the seat post 'spring' and see if it goes away. Play with your pedaling cadence and see if that is the issue. Pedal at a point where it is bobbing, and then increase your speed. See how much faster you have to go before you stop bouncing. 10 RPM would probably be enough to smooth things out.

Let us know what you come up with, Jur.
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