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Originally Posted by Fat Boy View Post
The stiction is a particular form of damping that most make an attempt to stay away from. The problem is that it damps the system at exactly the time you don't want it to. Tightening that bush will make the bike track straight again.
Good point, I wasn't even thinking of stiction. I assembled the joint with the new bushes, with grease and as expected there is no slop whatsoever any more. I could choose the amount of drag by the tightness of the bolt. Since I wasn't thinking of stiction, I wasn't looking for it, but from what I remember the joint felt very smooth, very little stiction. There was no sticking and sudden release, just smoothness with drag. It is probably a combination of the low friction of Delrin plus the grease. So I happy on that score.

(I am not sure what you mean by "Tightening that bush will make the bike track straight again" because the steel spindle was sloppy in the old plastic bush, no amount of tightening would cure that.)
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