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I rode the Mini to work again, with the Nylon bush installed instead of an elastomer, and this time there is no doubt: The seat post is doing the bobbing. I estimate the cadence with worst bobbing to be about 100rpm.

There was a difference to having an elastomer in there, though. It seemed to me as if the bobbing was less prone to happen. I think the suspension probably sets it off, so with it locked out it happened less often.

I can understand why many people have no problem at all: I have the post extended very far (long legs apparently) so the spring effect becomes worse.

Another observation: I have the tyres pumped to about 60psi and though that's pretty hard for this application, size and bike, I didn't experience any harshness due to supposed small wheel effect. I think that is a vastly over-hyped issue, only valid for very particular size uneveness. For the sort of roads I'm riding (some gravel, some bitumen, lots of tree root bumps) there is no real issue. It feels just the same as any other bike with no suspension, and it feels a lot less harsh than a road bike with 110psi tyres. So I conclude that unless you are running with very narrow tyres pumped to over 100psi, suspension is simply unecessary. Softer tyres are the first line of defense.

Having said all that, I can feel the difference between my medium elastomer and the nylon, most definitely. But that same difference would probably be given by some Big Apples (which would probably be more expensive from Yan's POV).

The medium elastomer feels the same to locked out suspension when going over gradual type bumps such as caused by tree roots pushing the bitumen up, but riding over sharp corners in pavement, the elastomer takes away the edge of that sharp corner.
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