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Originally Posted by jur View Post
OK, so on to the quest of improving the seat post. The only thing I can think of is to take a carbon fibre post which I understand would be stiffer and maybe have some better self-damping. So I am going to make a telescoping seatpost, with the top portion a 27.2x400mm long CF post, and the bottom an aluminium sleeve with QR.

Are there other suggestions for making the post stiffer?
I'm a little skeptical of people talking about the 'damping' qualities of carbon fiber. I just don't see it. Damping means that you are converting kinetic energy to heat. I have yet to see a bike frame (or racecar for that matter), get warm because of the damping that is going on.

When people say that an aluminum bike transmits more 'road buzz' to their hands than a carbon bike, then I understand that. The aluminum frame is stiffer (higher natural resonant freq. in that particular mode) and therefore transmits higher frequency inputs better than the carbon (or steel or Ti) frame.

My guess is that the biggest change a carbon seatpost would make is in your wallet.
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