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Originally Posted by SesameCrunch View Post

I also have my seatpost extended about 1" beyond max. As you know, I used a wood dowel (pine) to reinforce the seatpost. I have not found seatpost flex to be an issue for me. The wood does not allow for the kind of deflection you're describing. (I weigh 188 lbs.) It's not as glamorous a solution as a carbon seatpost, but it's certainly cheaper. I would recommend it as something you could try.
I will try it, but it's not so easy as I inserted a tight-fitting 1" ally tube and that will be a lot of effort to remove. I have to remove it as it didn't go in very far before getting TOTALLY stuck. So if I just put in a dowel as is, it wouldn't stiffen up the crucial portion of the post.
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