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It's not going to work. Think about it: You pedal forward (turning clockwise when viewing from right side of bike), and the wheel moves forward. Viewing from the other side, the wheel is turning counterclockwise, thus it's causing the freewheel to engage in the same way that it does on a normal bike when you walk it in reverse. Because the non-drive side freewheel is turning, the cranks also have to turn, and unless you have exactly the same gear ratio, there's going to be binding. If you do have the same ratio, it's exactly like a fixed gear.

Now, if the one on the other side of the wheel engaged in the opposite direction (and the threads were reverse.. or you had a lockring) then it would work no matter the ratio, and you could pedal backwards at an easier ratio. You'd hear clicking all the time from either side depending on which way you're going. And I don't even know if anyone sells reverse freewheels or if it's possible to modify them.

Look up retro-direct-drive, which is where you have two freewheels that move independently of each other ON THE SAME SIDE of the wheel, and the chain loops around a pulley so it goes over both.. meaning if you pedal forwards you engage one freewheel while driving the other one in reverse (like pedaling in reverse, you'll hear clicking), and if you pedal backwards you engage the other and drive the first in reverse.. but keep in mind that they're both being engaged in the forward direction, so it's like having two gear ratios, except you use one by pedaling in reverse. And it's not a fixed gear: you can coast because both freewheels engage in the same direction.

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