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No....currently the system is not to learn, but to merely be another cog in the machine. If I was offered something challenging through my high school, I may have actually tried...but instead I was literally told I was going to die in the gutter by my teachers. It turned out they were just pissed off that my test scores were throwing the curves off and failing their own children.

It's not my fault my teachers have low IQs and their kids inhereted it. What's sad is I was aceing tests in my sleep, yet I was never once challenged. Why the hell should I do homework when I have the content down? Teach me and I might be a student....teach me nothing and I will give you nothing....that's how I saw it...we should NOT be reviewing 4th grade math in 6th grade, we should not be reviewing anything from 6th grade in middle school, etc. You either know it, or you don't.

Education is so watered down that I feel like every class is for 5 year olds....even in college. Honestly, I'd rather learn on my own than get a degree for that reason...college itself is being watered down for he current generation of idiots...and that's sad.
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