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Fat boy on a fatboy

I thought this was pretty funny...

I was in the left turn lane at a downtown intersection waiting for the light to change. I was on my fixed gear Paramount OS doing a trackstand. I was only semi-geeked out, wearing bike shorts, tee shirt, helmet w/mirror, spd sandals and I had my LED blinkie on. This guy on a motorcycle pulls up beside me (no helmet) in the same lane. I said hello and comlimented him on his nice and shiny ride. The guy looks at me like I'm from I'm from France or somewhere and says, "wanna race?" I laughed and shot back, "no, wanna compare cholesterol levels?" He scowled and roared off as soon as the light changed. I laughed my *** off!!!

To top it off, I actually passed him later on due to city traffic flow, traffic lights, etc. Its fun riding in inner city traffic!
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