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OhiOH, yeah, that's exactly the one I have. There is nothing wrong with it at all. I have just been noticing how much more visible the green seems to be, not the reflective, just the color. Either one works for my morning commute in the dark since you can't see the fabric anyway. I also wear the vest when it is cloudy and rainy. I think the green is more visible.

Jessica, where did you get the reflective cloth tape? Is it 3M?

VR, I used to think the same thing, but apparently it is more visible. All safety stuff that used to be orange is being changed to the fluorescent lime green, even traffic signs. It's just anecdotal, but I know the green catches my eye more quickly than orange.

On this subject, I had to drive to work this morning (I hate when that happens!). Driving along a stretch I usually ride I came upon a cyclist. He had on a vest with reflective stripes yet I did not see him at all until my lights actually illuminated HIM, not the reflective material, when I was only about 50 meters or less behind him. It wasn't until after I passed him that I realized that 1) he did have the vest and 2) it didn't reflect at all despite the reflective stripes. At that point I checked my rearview and could see that the stripes were reflecting the super bright LED green traffic light we were both approaching. I would love to have one of THOSE lights in white. They must have well over 100 super bright LEDs, and the light is actually blinding. Might need a bigger battery.

I have found many fluorescent lime vests but none the long-tail cycling-specific type. Wish Nathan would reproduce that vest in lime.
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