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Originally Posted by paramount View Post
Well that's kind of a truism -- the type of person who would own Rapha is the type of person who thinks expensive clothing is worth the cost, or else they'd never have shelled out hundreds of bucks for Rapha in the first place.

I don't see what the big deal is...everyone has different priorities and different budgets. For me, I think "hm, a set of Phi hubs or a pair of knickers?" - the hubs win out easily. But I like nice clothes, and if were swimming in dough, I'd probably buy some Rapha.
Thing is, I've never seen any used rapha stuff for sale. His point was that nobody ever has buyer's remorse, even the people that can barely afford a piece of their clothing but splurge for one reason or another. Rather than buying lower quality cheaper stuff, buy high quality once and never have to buy again.
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