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can a bmx be used as a commuter?

i have an excellent gt dyno bmx that i am using for commuting 6 miles to work. it serves the purpose well because the road has heavy commuter traffic an no shoulder. a road bike would be useless because the gravel will kill they tiny tire and rim. a mountain bike is a little big for me so i won't be able to hop off in case of emergency. so i am using my bmx and jack up the seat very high to make it easy to pedal. i am only 5'5 but do have a very old mountain bike that needs new chain, tires/tube, front brake, and gear work. it is an oldy sitting outside for 3 years. i use that sometime but it is a little high to jump off quickly as mentioned earlier.

do you guys think i should upgrade to a mountain bike of 26 inches wheels or be ok with a bmx. it does takes longer and people at work hovering around my bike like it is part of a circus. i live in suv/big truck friendly area where a 4 dollars gas is nothing but minor inconvience. noone here carpool and half of the workforce (~4 thousands) drive something that get less than 17 mpg highway and live about 40 miles away.

i also like to ask if anyone has any recommendation on additional reflectors. i have 2 120 lumen flashlight fashioned to my helmet for evening ride. in addition, i have high reflective tape around the 4 pegs and few places on the bike to make it stand out since it's chrome. let's say people look at me like a freak when i ride to work since i don't adorn gears and such like other riders, who ride for exercise during work hour.
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