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Originally Posted by nick__45 View Post
i have an excellent gt dyno bmx that i am using for commuting 6 miles to work. it serves the purpose well because the road has heavy commuter traffic an no shoulder. a road bike would be useless because the gravel will kill they tiny tire and rim. a mountain bike is a little big for me so i won't be able to hop off in case of emergency. so i am using my bmx and jack up the seat very high to make it easy to pedal. i am only 5'5 but do have a very old mountain bike that needs new chain, tires/tube, front brake, and gear work. it is an oldy sitting outside for 3 years. i use that sometime but it is a little high to jump off quickly as mentioned earlier.
I have one suggestion... I have never done BMX, but I get the impression that jumping off the bike is a way to bail if things are going bad and it looks like you might crash/fall.

But riding on the road, being safe is more about prevention and not getting into an emergency situation...kind of like defensive driving. So if you end up looking at road bikes, or a cyclocross bike (my recommendation), or whatever, don't worry about the ability to jump off.

EDIT: One other thing, in case I wasn't clear... when people post to ask, Do I need a new bike?, it's usually because deep down they've made up their minds to get a new bike. Just let it happen....
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