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Yes with an s, and no with a but......

You can commute on anything. Efficiency, safety and comfort are the next standards which should be measured. Can you commute comfortably and efficiently and safely on a BMX? I doubt it. By the way you describe your riding style it sounds like you are a sidewalk rider, or shoulder rider. This will put you out of where drivers will be looking for you so if you hit any cross streets or driveways you will actually be in more danger than if you had just ridden on the road. Perhaps a little work with getting comfortable with road riding might help or a little route planning too. Yes you can commute on a BMX but if you are doing it to ride on the shoulder to be more safe then statistics are against you and perhaps you should consider something a little more comfortable that is designed for the road. Perhaps the route you are talkihg about is unrideable, but personally I find very few roads unrideable, but those I do nearly always have an alternate route that never adds more than a mile or two. Anyway, ride whatever you want but realize it might not be safer even if it appears so.
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