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The solution, although it would suck would be to license bicyles like automobiles. Then people that complain about us taking up the road and having no rights to the whole lane (even though the law says we do) wouldn't be able to say that since we pay fess and taxes just like "they" do! Thus have the same rights to the road as they do.

Then, as licensed vehicles if we get run off the road we'd have more pull because we could be treated as vehicles and, just like another car getting run off the road, we could get the cops to view us more seriously as vehicles and do something viable about it instead of just, eh, too bad [you're a cyclist on a toy so this means nothing to me].

That also means that we'd have to follow the same road rules as every other cager... which we are supposed to do anyway!

I'm sure my idea has tons of loop holes but it's a thought....
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