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Originally Posted by BroadSTPhilly View Post
So picture this I am riding along on my commute when ahead of me I see Lemond and Landis on a tandem going up a hill. So I dial it up a notch till I am side by side with them. You know, illegally lane sharing, cause thats the kinda badass I am. Anyways as per Data Junkies suggestion I whip out my sandwhich and take a bite. But I notice that it is still too easy. So I put my feet up on the bars reach down with one arm and start cranking the pedals. I took another bite of my sandwhich. Greg and Floyd were staring, awestruck at me. Then they smacked into the back of a parked school bus and I continued on to work.

I didn't wave.
That is so totally rad! Totally tubular dude!
You should have carried on a conversation on the phone at the same time.
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