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Originally Posted by Jabba Degrassi View Post
I can give you an update later, assuming you weren't just looking up my history for ammunition, which you probably were.
Even if he was, what's the difference? DarthVader is simply returning the Ad Hominem attack you were using in the first place. Cry me a river, build me a bridge and get over it. In case you didn't realize, a lot of people can read posts without having to post them as well - that is, he doesn't have to troll your posting history to make a comment about it.

Further, even in your ideal scenario, where he did troll your history for ammunition, that has absolutely no effect on the truth-values of his statements, and your response does not logically refute them either. Why does your update hinge on whether or not he was trolling your history? Let's be honest, you'll give the board an update either way, and he may or may not read, so even if he did "look up your history for ammunition" you may still end up giving him an update!
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