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After riding with risers for a year and basically having the fixed gear equivalant of a "comfort bike" (and not knowing it), I concentrated on making one of my bikes fast, light, and aero. I was disappointed in my performance in a race I attended. So I lightened up the parts (especially the wheels + tires), increased the gear ratio dramtically, and switched to drops. That bike became so freaking fast. I had to learn a new way to pedal up hills (less cardio, more strength). I realized I enjoy going fast much more than i enjoyed being upright and having an easy pedaling cadence. Later when i switched back to my other bike one day, it felt like i was wasting energy, going slow and blocking the wind. So obviously I adjusted that bike, too (an changed those bars, too). I'm used to being lower in my position now. Track drops are great for the street. Now when i see risers and easy gear ratios I no longer admire those bikes. They simply look slow.

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