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Originally Posted by froze
The Armadillo has a puncture resistent sidewall that the Gatorskin does not have.

The Gatorskins have a bead to bead protecting layer that does protect the sidewall, but they have an extra layer under the tread area. I have used Armadillos for commuting, and am currently riding Gatorskins for recreation. The Gatorskins are just as rough feeling to me as the Armadillos, since both have stiff sidewalls. I have only had one flat on rec rides on a Gatorskin, and one pinch flat one time on an Armadillo. If the bike will fit them, I recommend the 700X25 Armadillos, running around 100 psi. These would only clear on my Trek 1000, not my other bikes. The 25s are bigger than most, looking like other company's 28s and even 32s. My present bikes will only fit the 23s. Even with the higher pressures, the ride still has not much rolling resistance. It feels like I'm using no effort when cruising on smooth, flat pavement. The older version of Armadillos had a separation problem that was corrected on the present models. When my Gatorskins wear out on my Trek 420, I might switch back to Armadillos
Dchie; not to argue with you but the Gatorskin does not have bead to bead protection, if you go to their web site they explain that to you. The only tire they have that does have bead to bead protection is the 4 Seasons. The difference between the Gatorskin and the 4 Seasons besides the sidewall protection is the rubber is thick on the Gatorskin and the Gatorskin has more plies in the tread then the 4 Seasons. The Duraskin sidewall is a fabric that covers both the Gatorskin and the 4 Seasons, but the 4 Seasons adds a puncture resistent belt...but these puncture resistent belts are nothing like the Armadillo.
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