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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
What a load of arrogant nonsense!

There are all kinds of groups of bicyclists who think they're better than other bicyclists. Nothing changes.

Dave Moulton: "These are a splinter group known as APOBs. The A is for Anarchist, Arrogant, or *******, pick any one."

Obviously, I'm no better than Dave Moulton's when I sink to his level of name-calling by noting that there is obviously another splinter group: SOBs, Snobs On Bicycles.

Sadly, there are competing groups of SOBs. I have often noted that cyclists are the most disparate group I've ever been associatated with.

Dave Moulton: "I get tired of my reputation being tarnished by another group who should not even be categorized as cyclists."

Tough cookies, dude. Deal with it.

I take it that Moulton considers himself a real cyclist.

Bully for him!

Everyone who rides a bike is a cyclist. That's what the word "cyclist" means, notwithstanding the attempts of a few elitists to try and reserve the word for only people who ride like they do. Other cyclists may be bad cyclists, or dangerous cyclists, or poor cyclists - but they are still cyclists.
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