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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
What a load of arrogant nonsense!

There are all kinds of groups of bicyclists who think they're better than other bicyclists. Nothing changes.

Dave Moulton: "These are a splinter group known as APOBs. The A is for Anarchist, Arrogant, or *******, pick any one."

Obviously, I'm no better than Dave Moulton's when I sink to his level of name-calling by noting that there is obviously another splinter group: SOBs, Snobs On Bicycles.

Sadly, there are competing groups of SOBs. I have often noted that cyclists are the most disparate group I've ever been associatated with.

Dave Moulton: "I get tired of my reputation being tarnished by another group who should not even be categorized as cyclists."

Tough cookies, dude. Deal with it.

I take it that Moulton considers himself a real cyclist.

Bully for him!
I think what he is really saying is that all that finger pointing by motorists is often due to POBs setting examples that regular cyclists would probably never do... of course, in that same breath... it is the regular cyclists that I see often running the red lights... not the sidewalk cruising POBs.
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