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Originally Posted by randya View Post
are you sure you really mean this?
Yes I really mean this. But I don't think you bothered to read the rest of what I wrote. Which was, concerning adult cyclists injured or killed in car-bike collision, they are more likely to be obeying the law than breaking it when the collision occurs -- the driver is more likely to be found at fault.

Originally Posted by randya View Post
by most statistical analyses, pedal cyclists are 'at fault' in at best half of all injury accidents and fatalities, by most counts it runs about 60% motorist at fault, 40% cyclist at fault.
When people want to show that cycling is particularly dangerous for scofflaws and not for good law-abiding powdered wig-wearing citizens like themselves, they include kid-cyclists in the count. When kids are taken out the inconvenient reality is more like you say above.

Originally Posted by randya View Post
...and what about all those perhaps less skilled cyclists who unwittingly succumb when they are led down (shall we say) a primrose path by dangerous bike lane designs, like Tracy Sparling in Portland, Oregon, Oct 2007?
I'm with you on the general lameness of Portland's downtown bike lanes, but we can't really say for sure that the bike lanes led her down that path, especially considering that the truck was sitting at the light with its hazards flashing for over a minute before it moved. Consider that there were probably multiple factors leading to this or any fatality.

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