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Originally Posted by I-Like-To-Bike View Post
No it isn't. Unless the reader likes to read silly BSing from an arrogant SOB.
There was a time when I used to come on this forum and contribute on a regular basis, but it was exactly this type of comment that stopped me doing that.

The POB article is not about elitism, it is about safety. It is also about obeying the rules of the road. The biggest complaint that drivers of automobiles levy against us is that we run red lights and stop signs, ride the wrong way one-way streets, etc. etc.

We all know that motorists break the law too, but pointing the finger at them does little good as there is more of them than us. When you are a minority, you tend to be labeled by the worst in a group.

Here is some more silly BSing:

Watchdogging Blogging.

Watchdogging Follow-up.

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