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Originally Posted by DnvrFox View Post
..a diversity from a whole lot of different folk's viewpoints, thoughts and ideas about what returning to biking was all about.

It was a surprise to me that so many offered such different views about what returning (or beginning) biking was all about. All the way from "basic" to rather complex viewpoints.

I'm wondering if perhaps some of the very diverse thoughts of others expressed in the previous thread might be resurrected into a portion of this thread.
Done and done. Topics are included in the links list.

I'd like to mention that, in writing the above, I've tried my best to stick to the 'factual' info and to what emerged to me as the 'concensus of opinion' expressed here in relation to the matters covered. The only stiff in there which didn't originate from this 50+ section is the bit about the two different types of hybrid bikes. That bike came from the bike shops around here, when they were explaining the current manufacturer catalogues to me.

It's all also very much a 'first draft'. I figured out a basic system of organisation for it, and then just sat down and wrote the thing. I've briefly checked it over for typos and spelling, probably haven't found all of those, and I've done no revision or editing whatsoever on it. It can all be changed in whatever way people think it needs to be.

Originally Posted by Louis View Post
Good job Catweazle. With your permission, I may print this out from time to time for newbies whose bikes I fix.
It 'belongs' to BikeForums, not to me. Posting it here means that I gave it away, rather than sold it. I'm happy for people to whatever they will with it

Originally Posted by cyclinfool View Post
It is good material but may be a bit daunting to a newbie.
Thoroughly agree. It all came out as a rush of words, I was surprised to see it blow out to 6000 words, and I was worried when I posted it that it might come across as daunting.

It needs some pictures and diagrams, as mentioned, but do you think it'd help if each post commenced with a brief, point form synopsis?

Originally Posted by Yen View Post
Other newbie topics that appear here from time to time include preparing for a first century, and questions about nutrition.
Linkys, please!!!!

I've a few I know about which I'll be hunting for so I can include links to them. Suggestions for additions to the link list will be MUCH appreciated

Originally Posted by Road Fan View Post
I do think we need to think about how people who wish to contribute should fit in their comments in a way that will make them accessible to people who are browsing for a particular topic, and would benefit from diversity of viewpoint.
One way to address that would be for people, who wish to contribute alternative approaches or possibly other aspects of cycling I've not covered above, to simply post their own informative/thoughtful/whatever posts amidst the chatter we're conducting here. We could later get a kind moderator to strip out the chatter and leave just the informative content, perhaps?


P.S. I'm done with this for today. My daughter has just informed me that it's my birthday, so I'm off to celebrate what I'd forgotten about
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