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Current status

Howdy. This is Joseph from Alien Bikes. Here is the short version of what the current status is:

The frames were delayed by first errors in construction.
Then the new remade frames were delayed by weather.
Then I went away for "vacation" that had been planned months in advance so I couldn't change when the frames arrived later than planned. This meant I couldn't email that often so issues took longe rto resolve.
Some of the boxes were mislabeled so the frames needed to be individually measured to make sure no size mix-ups happen.
The frames are at a 3rd party warehouse that does storage and packing for mail order companies. They provide an excellent service, but it means sorting out things like the mislabeled boxes takes a long time with lots of back-and-forth.

The frames are all there, and are being sorted and will ship soon.

I'm new to this and this is the first batch, so I guess I should have been more cynical about what shipping dates to expect. I understand some folks are frustrated by the delays and "run-around" but I'm sure they will think it was worth the wait once their frames arrive!

I will have nice pics soon showing details, but in the meantime here are some snapshots (ignore the crappy paint):

I hope to have some pics of customer bikes soon. And a bike is to be reviewed on fixedgeargallery as soon as it is painted and assembled.


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