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If it says "world's finest bicycle" on the downtube in place of the brand name then it is of Japanese manufacture and is pre-1973. Early '70s models use the diamond shaped headbadge with the rhinestone and GS in the centre. Late '70s models have a more ornate badge with Sekine Cycle Medialle. The only pink models I've seen were late '80s / earlier '90s model, by which time they had slipped substantially and the headbadge had been replaced by a decal with a stylized S. The later, non-Canadian models also tend to have model numbers or names on the top tubes., though I'm not sure when this practive actually started. However, if you post the component mix, maybe someone can identify the model. Canadian built models should say so on the seat tube decal. I concur with the statements reagrding history and the quality of the Canadian built '70s models, they were excellent value. I too assembled vast quantities of these bicycles in the mid '70s. I own the top of line SHX model with first generation Dura Ace group. It is currently undergoing restorarion.
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