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Well, I picked up this bike really cheap. There's a lot of snow,
in the winter-time, starting December, I equally ride in the
ice, snow and -20 Celsius weather. I find it helps with a female
frame to keep control, as it's easier for both feet to maintain
equilibrium on snow banks, etc.

Concerning the accident, well ...it was in a street, and 4:15PM
with no bike paths. Near the parked cars, I guess both cyclists
assumed it was fair game to be used for bicycle passage.

You know those movies, where an object falls and hits someone
in the head?

I actually saw the other dude grab his head with both 2 hands,
about the pain and horror of it ...? It was quite an impact for me, too!
I inquired about what the f*k he was doing not looking at where he
was going, but he didn't speak English or any language that I knew.

Anyway, luckily, skulls are not made up of egg shells...
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