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Originally Posted by toomanybikes

I was out prowling today looking for a frame with which to build a fixed-wheel.

I went to one of the local bike shops where I found a mi-80's Klein frame, DT shifters and Super record derailleurs, bottom bracket; regina CX 6 speed freewheel ($100)

Also; a Norco Monterey, Tange 5 tubing, araya rims that look like they have never been used and Panacracer tires that look like they just came out of the box - $100.

a blue Miyata one-thousand set up as a touring bike with cantilever bosses - $75

All very nice

I then went down the street to the thrift shop where I found a Green Sekine, almost my size, sadly I think a tad too small. All original equipment including the Centre-pull brakes - $10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh - I am tempted on that Sekine!!
Wow, those are some great finds, particularly the Klien and Miyata. You will not find a better mass produced touring bicycle trhan the Miyata 1000. I have an extensive set of Miyata catalogues and have decyphered their serial number codes if you want more info on originality and/or date. Also have lots of info on Norco.

Would love to have component and serial number info on that Sekine as I am collecting info for a Sekine website and trying to break the serial number codes. Pics too if possible.
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