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The "worlds finest bike" takes me back to the first nice (to use a 1950's term) far east bike. It was Badged a C.Itoh. which i was told was a Marketing/distributing firm from japan. I have a Yellow one, it was the only color i think this model came in, and only in two frame sizes. these were hand made frames with Suntour drop-outs and Nervex Copty lugs. it came with the Sugino might compe crankset, sunshine hubs with sew ups. suntour VGT der's. these were excellent bikes, i also have a Star...that has the same frame, but all shimano componets (crane der's, etc.) most of these bikes came frome one or two factories. but with any bikes, focus more on the drop-outs when you see them, stay away from the ones with stamped, rather go for the drop forged. these most likely will be made with seamless tubing. then a good investment.
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