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Bikes: kuwuhara Aries - yep, 20 years old and one of the original mountain bikes

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Hi everybody

New as new can be at 60 years old and still feeling like a kid riding my 22 year old Kuwahara Aries mountain bike--I even blast past some octogenarians so don't write me off completely!

There is some sage advice kicking around on this site. It is fabulous for a mechanical moron like me. Also, I've been thinking, or rather My Sweetie says, kid, time for a new bike, so I started researching. My head swims. Unbelievable. The options are convoluted and incredibly complicated.

Help! I ride around town, struggling up hills, braking like crazy going down and dusting off those old folks on the flat. It's a rain forest way out west here in Vancouver, British Columbia. In fact, it rains like hell at every inopportune moment rendering those cantilever brakes more or less useless; well, not quite useless, I'm here typing this thread. Going up and down curbs makes me feel like Alison Sydor, well, maybe not her, but you know what I mean. Those curbs are pretty much the extent of my mountain biking, and it is extreme mountain biking for sure, other than some roughish, gravel type road situations.

What kind of bike should I be looking for, do you think? $1200 Canadian is about the price range.I saw a very thoughtful, well written group of submissions on a thread concerning the need for disc brakes, either hydraulic or mechanical in the extreme wet weather we get out here, but could that be found in my price range? Should I be looking at one of this new generation of commuting bikes eg Specialized Globe or Giant something or other, that I read about on a commuting site? Some of these bikes seem to be a new generation of bikes with only 8 gears (about all I use even on the 10th hill going to UBC) and some sort of enclosed mechanical stuff that I didn't really understand. Also, I do love the fattish tires on a mountain type bike for the effort it takes to move that baby and the lack of fear of flats; I've never had one in 22 years, even when we rode from Amsterdam to Italy and back.

Again, hello! help! and thank you!
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