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If you're moderately meticulous about cleaning your bike, winter isn't much of a problem. When the streets are salted, flip the bike over and get the salt residue off the frame, fork and pedals (and toeclips if applicable) after each ride. Make sure you clean and seal up any chips in the paint also. Once a week or so, wipe down the chain, chainring and cog, rims and spokes (especially the nipples, which tend to corrode and become unusable quickly), and re-lube the chain. If you have loose bearing hubs, check them every couple of weeks and repack them when they start to get dirty. That's what I've always done, and no problems. If you're okay with your steel parts getting surface rust, you should be fine. If you're wanting to keep everything in pristine shape, putting together a cheapo beater is a good idea.
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