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Originally Posted by Hickory
I am the proud new owner of a pink Sekine that I bought for $8.99 at the Goodwill. It has the "diamond" headbadge, says "made in Japan", but does not say "world finest". I pumped up the tires and took it for a spin around the neighborhood. Bike is operable, but needs some work. I've appreciated this thread and would love any additional info about Sekine and/or restoring old bikes.
If it does not have the "world's finest bicycle" logo on the downtube, then it 1973 or later. If it is Made in Japan, it could be almost any model. Even though the Canadian factory started production in 1973, the LBS where I worked was still receiving some Japanese manufactured bicycles as late as 1975. As I recall, these also had the diamond shaped head badge. Post the components list and I should be able identify the model.
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