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Originally Posted by JackD View Post
I guess I don't get the incredibly high standard part. Sure, they are well built and painted. They also have a lot of style. Sasha still uses the same old torches and files as have been used in countless framebuilder shops over many decades. Same as any lugged frame builder.

Not saying I'd turn one down, but to be honest, I wouldn't wait five years for one. Talk about voodoo...

I agree, It does not appeal to me either. I dabble in making lugged steel frames myself, so I am not bowled over by the building (the paint is incredible) but I do appreciate the effort though.

Oh, and for the simple reason that the bikes are not labeled "White" (his name) he already has distanced himself from the creation, no self respecting Italian framebuilder would use anything but his own name....that is all he has! Times have changed.

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