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glevii made quite a few coments that are really falling into the idea that I am sort of eluding to here, but my theory has sort of a twist. And that is, it is a "combination" of genetics and environment which creates the body needed to perform a specific task. However, there is a cause and effect issue I am getting at as well.

I also think it is a combination that is created out of environment. Over hundreds or thousands of years, for a specific blood line to be subjected to a specific environment, a "genetic" trait will essentially mutate into that particular bloodline.

As a result, that trait will be passed on to their posterity, even if they no longer are subjected to that environment. A good example to be simplistic, is when a marathon ruunner trains at extremely high altitude for months or even years, then goes to perform at low altitude, thus giving them a slight edge in performance over their opponents. If their bloodline was to live work, and train that envirnoment doing the same thing for hundreds of years, there bodies would develope a genetic trait that would be passed on to their offspring to provide a slightly superior cardo-vascular capability, even if one day, one of their offspring chose not to live in that environment any longer. Does this seem to make sense? In other words, our long term genetic traits are a product of our past environment, and our current capability is a product of our current environment.
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