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Chainring, I can appreciate that there are some things that your family would not want publicized and those wishes should be respected. However, when you mention certain facts as not being straight, I believe there is an obligation to at least identify which facts are untrue and set things straight. I know that I have made my fair share of misleading contributions and certainly do mind being told so, provided people back it up with an argument or facts. Just saying it's wrong, is like punishing a child, without telling him what he did wrong.

If the only questionable fact was the President/CEO, then that's fine. .

Hopefully, we have not gotten off on the wrong foot. Sometimes I find it extremely hard to establish a proper tone in a post. I guess that I have a fair amount of bicycle knowledge, but not a lot of writing skills. You provide a unique and rare opportunity to gain insight to a fondly remembered brand. I hope you will share what you can. I know that I will look forward to your future posts. Good luck obtaining another Ross, hopefully a Signature model. If you or anybody else wants to start a Vintage-Ross website, I have lots of 1980s ads, specs and road tests that I can share, provided you can get the copyright clearance.
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